KD-BM、BL 生物組織冷凍包埋機(3升、帶冷臺)

Product Name:KD-BM、BL Tissue Embedding & Cooling System

Product Categories:Embedding Center

◆Fully programmable computer controls allow automatic system start and stop anytime (weekly);
◆Temperature is controlled by microprocessors made in the USA and they are displayed ?using color-changing LEDs to enable clear visibility of working status;
◆Five heated areas, including Paraffin Chamber, Paraffin Dispenser, left and right Thermal Storage Compartments, and heating plate (working area), are individually controlled and work independently without interference from each other;
◆Flexible heating mechanism overcomes the shortcomings of traditional technology that can result in excessive temperature differences. System provides fast heating and precise temperature control. In addition, the dual-protection from overheating is safe, reliable and energy-saving;
◆Automatic memory and restoration functions: After startup, all preset temperature data are automatically stored in the system;
◆Flexible module configuration options through a design which separates the Cryo Module from Embedding Module;
◆Safe and reliable low-voltage illumination system;
◆Heated working plate and forceps wells make tissue embedding more convenient;
◆Large granite working area eases the cleanup of excessive paraffin.
Major Technical Specifications:?
◆70℃ is set as the paraffin-heating temperature based on the latest internationally accepted principles indicating that tissue embedded in paraffin might be damaged due to excessive shrinkage of paraffin blocks when heating temperature is above 70℃
◆Paraffin Chamber Capacity: 3 liter
◆Temperature Range of Forceps Wells: 55 - 70℃
◆Temperature Range of Paraffin-melting Chamber: 55 - 70℃
◆Temperature Range of Thermal Storage Compartments: 55 - 70℃
◆Temperature Range of Heated Working Areas: 55 - 70℃
◆Temperature Range of Paraffin dispenser: 55 - 70℃
◆Temperature Control Precision: ±1%
◆Paraffin Flow Control: Paraffin flow control via finger touch plate and optional foot pedal
◆Fully programmable ON/OFF control allows automatic system start and stop anytime weekly
◆Working Temperature of Cryo-Module: ≤ -20℃
◆Working Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz (standard model); AC110V±10% 60Hz
◆Power: 650W (KD-BM), 300W (KD-BL)
◆Dimensions: 525×550×385 mm (W×D×H) ?(KD-BM)
590×345×385 mm (W×D×H), (KD-BL)
◆Net weight: 26kg (KD-BM); 26kg (KD-BL)

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