KD-BMIII、BLIII 生物組織冷凍包埋機{帶冷臺}

Product Name:KD-BMIII、BLIII Tissue Embedding & Cooling System

Product Categories:Embedding Center

◆Fully programmable computer control allows automatic system start and stop anytime (weekly);
◆The use of new silicon rubber heating elements achieves rapid even, reliable, energy saving heating;
◆Temperature is precisely measured by temperature-sensing integrated blocks made in USA, and is LCD-displayed with icons demonstrating current working status;
◆Five heated areas, including Paraffin Chamber, Paraffin Dispenser, left and right Thermal Storage Compartments, and heating plate (working area), are individually controlled and work independently without interference from each other.
◆Five temperature-control channels and multiple overheating protection mechanisms provide safe, reliable, and energy-saving protection;
◆Automatic memory and restoration functions: After startup, all preset temperature data are automatically stored in the system;
◆Flexible module configuration options through a design which separates the Cryo Module from Embedding Module, enabling easy maintenance;
◆Freezing temperature can be adjusted due to the use of a new-type inverter compressor;
◆The temperature of the cryo plate equipped with this system is controlled independently and can be used to freeze tissue more conveniently, particularly for small specimens;
◆Paraffin Chamber with super large capacity enables embedding a large number of specimens at same time;
◆Safe and reliable low-voltage illuminating system with two ON/OFF control options (finger or foot-operated);
◆Heated working plate and forceps wells make tissue embedding more convenient;
◆High-precision clock makes time setting more convenient and accurate.
◆There is an automatic actuation, can make sure the unit will continue working after a power-down.
◆Using the imported solenoid valve to help the Paraffin Dispenser to adjust the flow rate;
◆This unit set the control power socket, it can work with BL and BC and the same time.

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